Dry Rot vs Termites, What you should know.

Follow Greg Salcido from Citywide Termite Control as the team replaces some plywood sheathing that is on a patio, where you’ll find that it’s all hollow because they’ve stripped it.

The team found what was infecting the wood was in fact some dry rot. Greg demonstrates how easily he crumbles the wood with his fingers. Dry rot is worse than termites. It’s a fungus that takes over the wood, it deteriorates it completely in combination with the wind, the air, the sun, and water.

Dry rot starts by creating mushrooms like a mold on the wood and it deteriorates it. You can get this in your walls without you knowing it. The team has opened up walls and to find it full of fungus inside and water pouring out. It’s not an easy job but it’s something that Citywide Termite Control can do to take care of their clients and help them close their deal in escrow.

To solve the problem, Citywide Termite control will strip it all out and put in some new plywood. Then they treat it and lay down some felt followed by the new composition roof to repair the area.

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