Citywide Termite Control Jobsite & Testimonial

We’re at a job site with Greg Salcido, at a home that was built around the 1900s. Precaution is taken with many things on this structure because the foundation is different, the girders are different, everything about this property is different. This is because the codes were a lot different back then.

At this particular structure, Citywide Termite Control will be doing some subterranean termite work, post work and dry rot repairs. They will also be treating for dry wood termites.

Down in the basement area, the substructure area, the posts are not installed properly. Because they don’t have the proper base, they will be removed and replaced so they are supporting the girder and the flooring under this house. These are older homes that may have been sprayed 30 to 35 years ago with chlordane which is very harmful. They’re banned today, so when they go under the house they have to be very careful.

Subterranean termites were found, which come out of the dirt, and up the stud. There’s either a crack in the concrete or it’s coming from the dirt on the outside of the building. They’re going to drill two holes and inject some chemicals into the soil. They want to get coverage on the outside and on the inside, that’s how they do their subterranean termite treatment.

Most people think that the termite report is just related to termites. The title on the report says “wood destroying organisms report”. Everything Citywide Termite Control does is governed by the state of California and the report relates to dry rock, mold, subs, dry woods and anything that can damage the structure. Call today for your Citywide Termite control service.