Termites Explained and How to Deal with Them

Let’s go to Rancho Cucamonga where Citywide Termite Control is at a property that Greg Salcido noticed some siding that had some crumbling wood. This is what subterranean termites do and if you don’t have your house inspected you may not see this because it’s it’s something that only a trained professional knows to look for.

What happens is the subterranean termites which are coming from the ground up the foundation through the studs and up into the wall. You may notice some staining which is the mud tubes or the exploratory tubes. This is dirt that the termites have actually brought from underneath the slab of the concrete.

To solve this termite problem, Citywide Termite Control is going to do what’s called a pressure treatment. Greg also found some dry rot on the back patio, which is growing around it the posts. Dry rot is a living organism, a fungus that deteriorates and eats the entire piece of wood. Fungus dry rot does not have a preference to style of wood. It will attack anything, while termites like to eat the softwood.

It is very important that you get your home inspected by a licensed professional that knows what they’re doing and have a report every year so you know what’s going on with your property. Citywide Termite Control does not charge for the inspection, it’s free. So contact Citywide Termite Control to utilize that service.